The Eight Deadly Sins

This series is an environmental statement intended to show the gravity we should be giving to cleaning up our actions and caring for our planet. In each photograph, Mother Nature is personified in the form of a woman. This is intended to symbolize her strength and beauty in a way with which the viewer can hopefully empathize. Each item between her hands represents the materialization of a particular sin, and is floating for a surrealistic portrayal of the idea that we never thought we would see the occurrences that we are in fact now seeing. Mother Nature cannot touch the item because she has nothing to do with humanity’s sinful acts against her, and she is stuck watching disappointingly as we destroy her Earth.


The frames took approximately 8 months of the two year project. They are individually handcrafted from wood and resin, with specific pieces molded and glued together to form each final piece. As all the molds fell apart through the process, these frames are one of a kind and can never be recreated. When building them to encompass each sin, I wanted to epitomize the depth of darkness that our sinful actions have caused Mother Nature. They are in the form of arches to represent the farce of the Catholic church. Similar to the sword being created in the form of a cross so that people may slaughter each other in the name of God, an arch symbolizes significant beauty and glorifies a supposedly forgiving God who is then deemed unforgiving towards an ever changing list of cardinal sins.