Mermaids are a magical metaphor for ocean life and the world that exists under the surface. It is critical that we recognize the impact humans are having on this under-water world. The stress we cause ocean life has become so extensive that much of it is already irreversible, but we should be making changes necessary to at least protect what’s left and help the ocean start rebuilding and repairing. Each mermaid in this series is a representation of one of the most destructive effects people are causing on this life source. The models were all photographed separately, the fish were caught by a local, sustainable fisherman and photographed in my studio, then I merged everything through digital painting and photoshop. The hope is that they inspire you to be conscious of your waste, and start saving the mermaids.


Each frame was poured from a handmade mold I built from clay. The project  in whole took about one and a half years, six months of which were spent on frames. I used shells, kelp, and old marine themed trinkets to shape the mold into something to showcase the mermaids. I wanted to emphasize the simple beauty of ocean life that are pure and almost magical when untouched by people. Unfortunately, human impact can be seen on every known point in the ocean, from surface to floor, which is why my frames start at the surface with a wave and sink down through the kelp to the the depths of the ocean floor.